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Calidore String Quartet
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BBT Fellowship 2016

Calidore String Quartet - Video


Debut on Signum Classics

Funded by its 2016 BBT Fellowship Award, the Calidore String Quartet makes its Signum Classics debut with a musical contemplation for our times. In the light of recent political upheaval and division across the world, the Quartet’s players – Jeffrey, Ryan, Jeremy and Estelle – looked to music to find an answer to such contemporary dissonance. Their search for resilience and respite settled on four composers and four works that found either consolation or a cathartic path towards optimism through music. Resilience was released on Signum Classics (SIG CD551) in October 2018 and features quartets by Prokofiev, Janáček, Golijov and Mendelssohn. BBT was on hand at the recording sessions to make this accompanying film.